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The Institute For Religion And Health At 1129 Wilkins Blvd.

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The Institute for Religion and Health located at 1129 Wilkins Boulevard was demolished to make way for the Houston Methodist Research Institute.

ISH now has located further south to 8100 Greenbriar Drive.

Original building was cool. The building featured a tall, slender tower.



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I wonder if that tower was built for future expansion.

I've seen buildings where all of the pipes and elevators and other utilities are put in a tower like that in order to maximize the floor space for the office.  They build the tower to the height they aspire the building will achieve, then build enough office floors to pay for the tower.  In time, when demand was high enough, the remaining office floors would be added.

This was more common back in the 1920's — the adding floors part, not the utility tower part.  But in the 2010's I watched a building built in the 1980's to 36 floors expand to its original design height of 64 floors.  Around the same time, a building a few blocks away built to around 18 floors in the 1920's gained another five floors to reach its design height.  I guess some buildings take longer than others to grow up.

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