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Burlington And Rock Island Railroad Company (B&RI)


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I-45 was a 6 lane interstate , 3 north , 3 south . before the HOV transit way  now it is a huge multilane interstate . North shephard was a gravel road as well as West Montgomery before the concrete . 44 Acres Homes route ended and turned around at Stallings St. before being extended to Compaq in Willowbrook . Gulf Bank was a wooded lot behind Garden City Apartments before the concrete and extended to Inwood . Tidwell was a long wooded lot before extention . 249 was a dirt gravel highway before being a freeway . I stayed in Garden City/Acres Homes at the time . I had fun when Gulf Bank was under construction . Beltway 8 northern section wasn't  completely built except the segment to the airport but is completed. I had fun when Hardy Toll Road was under construction , I used to coast my bicycle down on one of the ramps . It is now being extended to Hermann Park . I remember seeing only Burlington Northern/ Rock Island trains run by the grade school I attended , now I see BNSF. 

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WOW Tower26. That's what I am talking about. I wonder how many other cities in the US have continued to grow and urbanize on the scale that HTown has. I read about the explosion of urban growth in most US cities over the last two decades, and I am sure those residents have stories. Here is another one; is it my imagination or is it true that say like 30 years ago I45 was lined with nice homes along the "feeders" after Greenspoint? I seem to remember that. Oh and as of this week, I have counted 23 empty for lease lots between I10 and 59 via Hwy 6. ( not including the massive Imperial Pkwy complex soon to rise). I have a little wager with my like minded urban geek friends regarding how long it will take before all 23 lots are developed. Care to contribute my fellow HAIFERs?

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