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Newest Crime states for COH

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I attended the CWPIP Tuesday. These were the COH crime stats presented.

a semi humorous moment occurred when Chief Finner related HPD noticed a decrease in crime during the big football games shown on TV and presumption that Houston criminals stay home to watch those games on their TV 🙃


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I've lived in Montrose almost 20 years- attended the local Montrose HPD/PIP even before it was combined with the Heights for 16 years-- never saw the sexual assault numbers go up like that in just one month.  Uhmmmmm I mean really, not even in early years of living in a transitioning Avondale, where the street corners still had plenty of drug deals and sex workers....... I constantly, stepped up to defend Montrose as being characterized as "crime ridden" when actually the crime (all crime stats ) were low-- the biggest crime was BMV!


a small note => In the condensed crime page the label is sexual assault; but in the list of actual locations the crime is listed as rape...........why?  Would a 400% increase in rape within Montrose get a bigger reaction and therefore lead to a call for more accountability of HPD- in the midst of all the PR of crime actually decreasing in Houston?

I have a lot of questions.

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