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Found it! 3D/International was formed from the founders of Neuhaus + Taylor Architects, and maybe a principal from CRS too.

The principals of the company Neuhaus + Taylor had merged with to form 3D/International seven men in all—left the company. Two important Neuhaus + Taylor partners left. Finally Harwood Taylor left, too. What remained was a multinational architectural and engineering company with a clear chain of command, whose three top officers are not building designers and to which first-rate design is decidedly a goal rather than the goal.

In 1977 the name of the company was changed to 3D/International. Two years later, Gerald Hines built the 3D/International Tower (designed by 3D/I), a 21-story building with an expensive stainless steel and glass skin, on a choice site at the corner of San Felipe and the West Loop.

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