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Harry Wiess Estate & Stables At 8750 Crescent Gate Ln.

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This week I studied and learned about the old Harry Wiess estate that eventually developed into the neighborhood Stablewood. Located across from Memorial Park, near North Post Oak Lane, these homes are very, very nice. Rivaling the mansions in River Oaks.

I had help during my research from a coworker who knows the family and a fellow HAIF member.  Thanks guys.

Here is present-day neighborhood called Stablewood.


Stablewood, then called the Wiess Estate, in 1944:


The home up close and zoomed in. It appears there was a horse oval riding ring behind/in front of the home? Imagine having your own riding ring? Just so much wealth! On the right side of the estate, there are also two other oval rings. Mr. Wiess either owned multiple riding rings or they were apart of another family, possibly Will Hogg's Tall Timber Stables?


Harry Wiess' home and stables was built in 1930 and designed by the famous socialite architect John F. Staub.  Today, the 3-acre parcel still exists and is owned by the Elkin's family, who have the property ownership listed under a corporation.

H.C. Wiess's daughter married into the Elkins family. It appears that Harry Wiess left the property to his daughter, Margaret Wiess-Elkins. Margaret Wiess-Elkins was born October 26, 1922. She was the daughter of Olga and Harry Wiess, a founder of Humble Oil.



I was told that the Wiess Stables, or "The Stables", or "Stable Set" became a party house.  The property contains a pool and tennis court.  Researching into the party house idea, it could be a different mansion all together?

The book from Stephen Fox revealed all sorts of information about the Wiess Stables. Fantastic reading if you haven't read it yet.  The following images are credited to Mr. Fox's great work. The country houses of John F. Staub by Stephen Fox.

5iBJ3Pv.jpgWiess Stables, entrance (southeast) front with swimming pool and bath house to the left.


Wiess stables, view from living room to swimming pool and bath house.


Wiess stables, Houston, 1930, John F. Staub, architect. Cupola and Weathervane.


First-floor plan, Wiess Stables, Houston, 1930, John F. Staub, architect.

Olga Wiess (right) and friends at the Stables, 1931.
Photograph by R.M. Luster, Houston Gargoyle 4 (Mar. 22, 1931): 17.

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Some of these homes in Stablewood are simply amazing.  If you're a multimillionaire who thinks River Oaks is too "played out" you could always live here.

I'd pick this neighborhood over the adjoining Tanglewood any day. wow!


This home with the fine English style garden!




This one is a beast! It's so long, plus all that acreage in the back.




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  • The title was changed to Harry Wiess Estate & Stables At 8750 Crescent Gate Ln.

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