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Price Convalescent Home For The Aged On Old Richmond Rd.

Highrise Tower

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Some of these convalescent homes are confusing, but I believe the Price Convalescent Home for The Aged is actually the original structure of the Bayland Orphanage Home for Boys? Confusing because why would a single building occupy 60 acres?

Cool finding! This is some rare Houston history!

Edit: I couldn't find an address but I haven't finished by research.  100 years later, the City of Houston park called Bayland Park has an address of 6400 Bissonnet Street.  I would assume the address was 6400 Old Richmond Road but that's probably wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

From the newspaper Southwestern Times dated December 5, 1946.

Permit To Operate Convalescent Home Refused
(an editorial)

Some Solution Must Be Found To Care For Aged Residents Of Home.

Permit to continue operation of the Price Convalescent Home on Old Richmond Road was refused last week by Dr. C.A. Dwyer, acting director of the Harris County Health Unit, on the grounds that the operators were not complying with state health standards.

The Southwestern Times, in publishing a story two weeks ago revealing the deplorable conditions exiting at the home, had no intention of seeking its closing. The editors had in mind that that publishing the story would arouse public opinion and force a clean-up and an improvement of living conditions for the old people.

Many of the persons in the house are eligible to enter the Harris County Home for the Aged but are unwilling to renounce their state pensions and sign the paupers' oath, which are requirements for entrance.

Many of the old people seem to prefer, and understandable, to be in a home where conditions are not up to the high standards which are maintained in the county home as long as they can retain their Independence and feel that they are paying their own way.

It is to be hoped that some happy solution can be found for these aged persons. Perhaps a more hard boiled attitude with the operations and a “clean-up-or-get-out” ultimatum would do the trick. Possibly the operators just do not “know how” to run the place and a committee of the citizens could be appointed to guide them--



The Price Convalescent Home for the Aged on Old Richmond Road is rambling, frame building which houses some 70 persons. Renewal of a permit to continue operation was refused last week by Dr. C.A. Dwyer, acting director of the Harris County Health Unit, because investigators reported failure to comply with state health standards. At the extreme left can be seen a slide-type fire escape which is doubtless a relic of the days when the building house the Bayland Boy's Home and its occupants were agile enough to have made use of the chute if fire should have struck the home.


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