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Has the time come to discuss " wellness focused apartments?"

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I think "wellness focused apartments" is just a rebranding of something that some developers have been doing for years, and it's also part of the amenities race.  It seems to happen when developers hire higher-end interior design groups to kit out their buildings, rather than doing it themselves.

It's a big change from the "poor person's view of how rich people live" that many apartment buildings employ.  One example: Flat screens in the lobby and common areas.  When I come home from a hard day at work, I want my building to be welcoming, not cosplaying a sports bar.

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 I googled it

Design for wellbeing in architecture refers to design in support of healthy lifestyles and the physical, mental and emotional effects that buildings have on their occupants.


But I guess my thought on what developers could do to incorporate " well being" into development were more along the lines of 
indoor Aboretum of sorts in the lobby-- bookshelves 0f  of " classics" , huge overstuffed armchairs and  good reading light, a workout room where huge projection screens show beautiful pictures of nature...a view to a naturalized type of pool with plenty of lush plants and the sound  of falling water-- really good outdoor grills for better food preparation--walking paths with native  shade trees everywhere....
I am so naive.....the cost would be astronomical.
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