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St. Mary's Seminary At 9845 Memorial Dr.

Highrise Tower

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"Bishop Wendelin J. Nold marked the celebration of the golden anniversary in 1951 with two major announcements: The Vincentian Fathers would replace the faculty of diocesan priests, and a new seminary would be built in Houston. A fifty-acre tract of wooded land located at the present site on Memorial Drive was donated by the Laurent, Smith, and Strake families. A fund-raising campaign yielded over three million dollars for the project. Maurice and Charles Sullivan were contracted for the architectural design, and the Linbeck Construction Corporation was selected to do the construction.

On November 4, 1954, Samuel Cardinal Stritch of Chicago dedicated the seminary with a host of bishops, clergy, and local dignitaries in attendance. At that time the plant included all the present buildings with the exception of the library, gymnasium, and Nold Education Center. As with the seminary in La Porte, the number of vocations increased greatly. With gifts and donations from both clergy and laity, the furnishings were completed in 1958."

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Classical architect Duncan G. Stroik created a master plan for St. Mary's quite a while ago. It isn't called out by name but it's pretty obvious if you're familiar with the seminary.

Present Conditions (at time of master plan, a building has been added across from the Beran library since)


Short-medium term?


Long term or maximum buildout?




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