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I'm a researcher at UT Health Sciences, and we're still in the process of recovering from Allison. There's definitely a space crunch right now, but the replacement research facility is coming along and should be ready in a few months. That will help a lot. Otherwise, the med school building is rather, um, dated looking (gotta love the 70s paint and wall decorations!) but is certainly functional. And it is now much better protected in case of flooding. The other issue the med students (and the faculty) are currently all worked up about is the possible closing of the fitness center in the building. Apparently administration attempts to close the thing every 3 years or so, but thus far it's stayed open.

Baylor's new research building (Alkek) is certainly much newer, nicer, and cooler than the med school here, but I don't know where the med school classes are at Baylor. They might be in the older buildings, like Cullen.

I can't tell you a whole lot about the teaching hospital differences, but I think that a degree from Baylor probably has a little more prestige.

However, that certainly isn't everything - you need to find the program you're going to fit in with the best. Also, I take it you haven't applied yet? Why not try for both, then if you get interviews at both schools you will get a much better feel for the strengths and weaknesses of each. (I realize applying to multiple schools gets expensive). You will get the chance to talk to current students and see for yourself what's going on.

And finally, might St. Thomas have a list of alumni currently in med school at Baylor or UTHSC? I'm sure you could get in touch with them and they could help you out.

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Random shout out to Baylor St. Lukes for removing my stepfather's cancer.  My family moved to Houston for a few years to take care of the cancer treatment. My mom and her husband finally left Houston with a clean bill-of-health.

Kind of sad to see them go. Knowing they received some of the best health care is always good to hear.  That's why people travel all over the world to seek treatment here.

Kudos team!


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