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Cotton Carnival On Avenue Q

Highrise Tower

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I noticed in an old newspaper there was automobile racing at the Cotton Carnival back in the 1910s.  I just had to research further!  There was a single mention on HAIF dating back 16 years ago. Figured I could create a new thread for awareness and information.

From the newspaper The Houston Post. dated July 31, 1910.

Big Event This Week At
Cotton Carnival
Galveston, Texas

Sunday- Pain's Fireworks.
Monday- Life Saving Exhibition.
Tuesday- Life Saving Exhibition
Wednesday- Automobile Races.
Red Men's Day

Thursday Houston Day
Automobile Races
Pain's Gorgeous Fireworks!

Friday- Beaumont Day
Automobile Races

Saturday- Shriner Day
Four Band Concerts in Carnival Grounds Every Day

$1.00 from Houston on all Railroads
Wednesday, August 3rd, Thursday, August 4th and Friday, August 5th.


The Cotton Palace — located at Avenue Q and 27th Street — was built as an addition to the 1902 Galveston Auditorium and was designed to house the Cotton Carnival’s exhibition hall



From 1909 to 1914 the Galveston Cotton Carnival featured a wildly popular auto race, on a track which ran 2.5 miles down Galveston beach, enabling a 5 mile circuit race, or if repeated, a longer race. The races were held a low tide, after a team of horses dragged railroad rails broadside down the beach, to smooth the racecourse and clear out debris accumulated from depositions of flotsam at high tide.  (say one more sentence, what were winning models and speeds). In 1915, the beach was abandoned in favor of a specially designed half mile oval dirt track.


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