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George Hermann Humble Oil Field

Highrise Tower

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Found this in the publication Gulf Coast Oil News 1917-01-13: Iss 14 and wanted to share with HAIF.

A cool, viewpoint, from the old days!

In a few hours, I'll post the history to the site. Apparently the Westheimer family owned it prior to G.H. Hermann? Crazy!

View On Hermann Tract Recently Sold For a Million

When George Hermann, late philanthropist of Houston, bought the land on which the wells shown above are located, paying 25 cents to $1.00 per acres for it, he little thought it would ever be worth more than a million dollars. The tract was recently sold for $1,200,000 he money to be used to erect and endow a hospital in Houston, in conformity with Mr. Hermann's will.

Humble Oil Field
Humble, Texas

FJ. Schlulter
Houston, Tex. 9-31-16


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Found this in the publication The Oil and Gas Journal 1910-10-13: Vol 9 Iss 18.


Interest in the Humble, which was revived by the bringing in a flowing well by the Producers Oil Company September 28, was again stimulated by John O'Neill bringing in a floking well October 5, making 400 bbls. The well flowed until the afternoon of October 9, having gradually declined, quitting altogether on the above date. A standard rig is being built and the well will be pumped.

The location on what is known as the Riverside lease, consisting of 180 acres, lying a mile north of Humble, near the San Jacinto river. The land has been in litigation since 1905, and the suit is now on appeal.

The case is styled, George Hermann vs. W.W. Thomas et all.

The land was originally owned in fee by Sid Westheimer, who sold it in 1901 to a company of about thirty Houston business men, who claim title to the tract.

The contest of George Hermann, who claims the title, was instituted in the Houston courts five years ago. During the summer of 1910 Judge Ashe, of the Eleventh district court, handed down a decision finding he defendants, the case immediately being appealed to the Court of Civil Appeals, where it is now pending.


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