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Kelsey Learly Clinic At 6611 Travis St.

Highrise Tower

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wow! I had no idea this was here! I thought there was a K&L clinic a long the side of Fannin Street?

The information was found on the 1955 Sanborn Map and the Texas State Journal of Medicine, Volume 51, Number 7, July 1955.

The clinic looks to have been on the opposite side of the South Main Shopping Center, across from the Medical Towers.

Kelsey & Leary Clinic
6611 Travis / Houston, Texas / JU 0628

M.P. Kelsey, M.D., Internal Medicine, Endocrine Diseases
W.V. Leary, M.D., Internal Medicine; Chest Diseases. Bronchoscopy, Esophagoscopy, Gastroscopy
J.R. Kelsey, M.D. Internal Medicine; Gastroenterology
Earl F. Beard, M.D., Internal Medicine; Cardiology, Cardiac Catheterization

C.C. Shullenberger, M.D., Internal Medicine; Hematology
Albert Owers, M.D., Psychiatry
Luther M. Vaughn, M.D. Radiology
W.C. Owsley, M.D., Radiology


Sanborn map, and the closeup.



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