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Metro Maintenance Of Way - 1603 Keene St.


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"Located at 1507 Keene Street on the northeast quadrant of the IH 45 and IH 10 interchange, the new Maintenance of Way (MOW) facility will support the maintenance of METRORail vehicles, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and improve resource allocation. The 2.69 acres site will include a 30,000 sf main building, a 3,500 sf shop (located within the main building), a laydown yard, surface parking, and storm water detention. With such a constrained site, the building is oriented to accommodate the best access for heavy vehicle traffic, while also maximizing the space for laydown yards, staff parking, and warehouse storage. The new centralized location will provide a significant reduction in both the travel time and staging/preparation time necessary to complete maintenance or repairs."



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Below is a map with the 1615 Keene St parcel outlined.

Also outlined are the following parcels:

  • 0 Keene St
  • 1507 Keene St
  • 0 Harrington St
  • 400 Harrington St


January 2022 Google Earth view of the aforementioned parcels is shown below. The street addresses are also included.

  • 1507 Keene St (located on the 1507 Keene St parcel)
  • 1613 Keene St 
  • 1615 Keene St (located on the 1615 Keene St parcel)
  • 400 Harrington St (located on the 400 Harrington St parcel)
  • 402 Harrington St (located on the 400 Harrington St parcel)
  • 500 Harrington St (located on the 400 Harrington St parcel)




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An application for an easement abandonment was submitted to the city's Joint Referral Committee in August. The request was denied due to "reverter clause discovered in easement deed."

Below is what the applicant filled out on the application:

  • Description and square footage of requested easement to be abandoned and sold:

    1- Sanitary Sewer Easement, 6 feet wide by 358 feet long; and 2- Sanitary Sewer Easement, 6' wide by 254 feet long; total of 3,628.45 square feet

  • Legal Description and address of the property abutting the portion of the easement to be abandoned and sold, by lot and block, including the name of subdivision. If the property is not located in a platted subdivision, provide the name of the survey and the abstract number:

    A  subdivision of 2.5714 acres situated in John Austin Two League Grant survey, Abstract 1 , being all of Block 8 ,  of Mrs. A.C. Allen Addition,  according to map  or volume "z"  page 518 of deed records of Harris County, & Lot 17 thru Lot 21 of Marlan Addition No. 1, a part of Trenton Addition, an unrecorded subdivision in Harris County, Texas 

  • Statement of intended use and details of the requested easement to be sold

    Metro Authorities are proposing to construct a new facility in this property

  • What is the timeline for proposed redevelopment? 

    Construction is intended to begin approximately in May 2025 and complete at the end of 2026

  • Description and square footage of any property interest to be conveyed to the city by the applicant:

    Metro is conveying 4,375 square feet & 2,838 square feet to the City  by plat


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Below are photos of the sanitary sewer easement abandonment requested. These were submitted to the Joint Referral Committee last month. 

The abandonment of easement was requested (and later denied) for the forthcoming construction of Metro Maintenance of Way. The project will be located at 1615 Keene St (or may be 1603 Keene St).





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  • The title was changed to Metro Maintenance Of Way - 1603 Keene St.
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