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Colburn Bros. Oil Field Hauling At 11920 Old Main Street Rd.

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Found it!!

I've been researching, and searching around, for months.  I once read a federal company registration article, that mentioned the Colburn Bros.  I expanded my research and read a newspaper from Alvin, TX!

The Alvin Sun dated July 19, 1956:

Oil Field Hauling
General Oil Field Construction

Colburn Bros.

24 Hour Service
Phone MA 3-0605

11920 Old Main St. Rd.


Original finding, a few decades earlier dated in 1936:

No. MC-F 6200. Authority sought by T. S. COLBURN. doing business as COLBURN BROS., 11920 Old Main Street Road, Houston, Texas, to lease the operating rights of L. A. NORRTS. doing business as L. A. NORRIS TRUCK LINE, 1543 Banks Street, Houston 6, Texas. Applicants' attorney, John H. Benckenstein, 915 Goodhue Building, Beaumont, Texas.

Operating rights sought to be leased, oil field commodities, as a common carrier, over irregular routes between points in Louisiana and Texas. Vendee is authorized to operate in Texas under the second proviso of section 206a (1) of the act. Application has been filed for temporary authority under section 210a (b).


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I (possibly) found the Colburn Bros. Oil Field Hauling business!

Another HAIF member, said this in regarding to the discussion about the Old Main Street Road:

During the 70's, 80's & early 90's the lot at the southwest end of Old Main was used by a pipe fabricator/supplier. The several roads you see in the sat photo are the service roads used in the pipe yard.

I went onto Google Earth and focused in.  There indeed seems to be (both) a truck business and a pipe fabricator a decade later.

Now, a little confusing. The Colburn Bros. trucking company was more so located in between Holmes Road and South Main Street.  The pipe fabricator seems to be more located on Old Main Street Road, towards Domain Privee Casino & Residences. I know the address 11920 OMSR is really far down OMSR.  This would be considered The End Of Old Main Street Road.  I wonder if the pipe fabricators and the trucking company are apart of the same company? Maybe Colburn Bros. did it all!

In 1957 you can see a bunch of trucks.



In 1964 the truck yard is gone, but there is material in the parcel above.



This 1978 aerial photograph provides a clearer image into the pipe fabricator/supplier.  I believe that's the case, at least.


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