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Navarro Motel On Old Main Street Rd.

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I found an usual motel this week. I wanted to ask HAIF if anyone knew more about it. 

Mainly, the address.  I'm unsure if the old hotel/motel is located on South Main Street, or Old Main Street Road (in this instance, South Old Main Street Road) I guess we can figure this out by the date? This was in 1957, so I believe OMSR was still an active road. If you notice, all the other motels are listed as "S. Main" whereas the last motel, Navarro Motel, is worded differently. Makes me think it's not the same as the others, not on South Main Street. Or perhaps, the writer/journalist/reporter did not know the exact location?

Any photos of this historic motel? Any more details?

From the publication Texas State Journal of Medicine 1957-12: Vol 53 Iss 12

The following motels are available:

Alamotel Court, 8700 S. Main.
Braeswood Motel, 2116 Holcombe.
Buffalo Inn Hotel, 951 S. Main.
Carlon Courts, 8200 S. Main.
Nomad Motor Hotel, 10000 S. Main.
Plaza Motel, 1700 Old Spanish Trail.
Pioneer Motel, 2902 Old Spanish Trail.
Rainbow Inn Motel, 3713 Old Spanish Trail.
Ranger Motel, 2916 Old Spanish Trail.
St. Francis Courts, 3615 Old Spanish Trail.
Sun Valley Hotel, 1310 Old Spanish Trail.
Wallcroft Gardens, 1857 Old Spanish Trail.
Western Skies No. 1, 2806 Old Spanish Trail.
King Motel, 9101 Main.
Navarro Motel, South Main Street Road.


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