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Union Hospital At 1114 Howard St.

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Found this old, cool, hospital this week. Thought I would share my findings.

From the newspaper The Houston Informer dated November 1, 1919.

The business card advertisement:

Dr. F.F. Stone
Medicine and Surgery  Grand Medical Director K. of  P.
Associated with Dr. Chas. A. Jackson, Specialist
Suite 7 and 8-4191/2 Milam Street

Office Phone P. 6958

On Staff Union Hospital
1118 Howard St., Phone P. 782

1902 Dowling, Phone H. 2303

Calls may be left at People's Pharmacy
815 Prairie, Phone P. 6256


The news article:

Union Hospital To Teach Nursing Class Begins Nov. 10

When the announcement was first made last year that Houston physicians had decided to establish a hospital in this city, there were “doubting Thomases” galore and “it-can't-be-done” apostles abound abundantly. These doctors were not deterred nor discouraged by sch idle talk and while others indulged in hot air and would-be knocks, they assiduously applied themselves to the task of giving their people a real hospital with modern methods, facilities, and conveniences. Already their efforts have seen fruition and today the Union Hospital is a permanent adjunct to the race's civil life in this community, and is truly justifies its existence.

The hospital is located in Fourth Ward, 1118 Howard Street, corner of Lion and is easily accessible by the automobiles and street cars. A large, two-story structure is employed and the equipment is of a high class order.

The following constitute the official roster and staff: Dr. Charles A. Jackson. President; Dr. E.F. Ferrill, vice-president; Dr. H.E. Lee, secretary; Dr. B.J. Covington, treasurer, ; Dr. F.F. Stone, superintendent; Dr. R.O. Roett, resident physician; Miss B.B. Shortt, registered nurse; Drs. J.R. Terrell, E.B. Ramsy, F.L. McDavid--

Telephone Preston 732.



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