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The Green Parrot Restaurant At 1101 Bell St.

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Very interest! I thought The Green Parrot was located in Riverside Terrace at 2314 Macgregor Way?

I'm assuming the 1950s restaurant on Bell Ave. was an earlier version of the restaurant.  Or perhaps Macgregor Way was originally, or at one point, called Bell Avenue?

I'm not familiar with Vera Fredericks. The owner of the Riverside Terrace Green Parrot restaurant.  This could be a different restaurant all together! Never heard of it, a very rare find!



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Now that's a real mystery. 1101 Bell would be Bell @ Fannin, not near Macgregor. I can remember us eating at the Green Parrot in the mansion on Macgregor in the mid 50s, possibly as early as 1955. Can't remember exactly. It must have been originally on Bell for a short time, b/c there weren't two operating in Houston at the same time.

There were three Green Parrots, all owned and operated by members of the Toothman family: in Kansas City, St. Louis (Kirkwood), and Houston. This article describes the history and mentions that the Houston Green Parrot was opened in 1952. But it doesn't mention the location.


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