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Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. At 311 Main St.

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I discovered a new (to me) department store in Houston!  I searched around HAIF and there was only 2 or 3 mentions over the past 15 years. Figured I would create an official thread so people can gain more knowledge about the company.

In terms of the company name, and searching around the internet, the name was spelled many ways. 

Levy Brothers Department Store
Levy Bros. Department Store
Levy Brothers Dry Goods Company
Levy Brothers Dry Goods Co.
Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co.
Levy Brothers Company

Looks like the official wording, per company letterhead and invoices, was Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co.

From an invoice dated December 12, 1952:


Several online Houston history blogs indicate the address was 309 Main Street.  The 1907 Sanborn Houston map had the company surrounding the addresses 309, 311, and 313 Main Street.  I searched through old newspapers for both 309 and 313 Main Street and did not find any information containing Levy Bros. When searching for 311 Main, I got results. 

From the newspaper The Houston Post. dated March 8, 1914:

Department Stores
Dexter, Fred F. 230 W. Seventeenth Ave., H. Hts. Taylor 205
Levy Bros., 311 Main. Preston 36
Munn Co., W.C., Travis St. Capitol Ave. and Main St. Preston 218; A1131.


The Houston Post. dated June 24, 1914:

J.B. Westover, Adv. Mgr.
Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co.
Dry Goods and Women's Furnish'gs
311 Main St. Phone P675


From a 1907 Sanborn Houston map:


A photo of the Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. building at 311 Main Street.


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