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No Bull - a blog about Houston's urban landscape - launches today!


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Hey guys! Today I'm *officially* launching my blog about all things in and around Houston, primarily focusing on urbanism and development within the city. I would love for you all to check it out, and subscribe if you think you'll enjoy the writing! My first post is about YIMBYism and why I think it's such an important issue. I'll be posting 3x weekly on MWF at 12:00 pm Central time. If you have any suggestions about the content, ideas you'd like me to write about, or anything please feel free to let me know! Thank you all for helping to inspire this with this forum. 


Why I'm a YIMBY

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Houston is facing a housing crisis that affects thousands of low-income residents who struggle to find decent and affordable places to live. The city needs more housing options that cater to the needs of its diverse and growing population, especially those who earn less than 60 percent of the area median income. One way to create more affordable housing is to use public facility corporations (PFCs), which local housing authorities can create and which can give developers tax breaks in exchange for reserving some of their units for low-income renters.


More here "Mayor Turner is a Housing Supervillain (nobull.blog)"





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On 2/13/2023 at 2:58 PM, NB_Brendan said:


Why parking lots are a waste of space in the Space City.


In 2020, Houston released a "climate action plan" that calls for, among other things, the city-wide abolishment of parking minimums (and other such regulations). More steps towards YIMBY goals.

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