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William Hutchins Mansion At 1416 Franklin Ave.

Highrise Tower

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I was researching the William Hutchins Mansion located in the Quality Hill neighborhood of Houston. 

I first started reading the Houstonhistorymagazine's article about Quality Hill.  That gave me:

In 1850 Hutchins built one of the earliest and what was considered one of the finest houses in Quality Hill. It stood on the corner of Franklin Avenue and La Branch Street, near Hutchins’s place of business on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Main Street.

I then came to a City of Houston Landmark Designation Report for the Palace Hotel located at 216 LaBranch Street. In that report, I saw:

Sanborn insurance maps from 1885 show Block 25 with the Globe Hotel down the street on the corner of Congress and Austin. The present location of the Palace Hotel building is vacant land. The large house on Block 25 that faces Franklin was the Hutchins house, one of the large houses that were once common in this area known as Quality Hill. Ownership by the Hutchins family of the lots of Block 25 can be traced back to 1853.

I then went to the Library of Congress to look at the 1885 Sanborn insurance map. I then located the mansion on Block 25:


Old photograph of the house:


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