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AMI Westbury Hospital At 5556 Gasmer Dr.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper The Texan dated April 1, 1987 and came across a business listing for AMI Westbury Hospital located at 5556 Gasmer Dr.

Was anyone born here by any chance? I believe this small hospital was active in the 1970s and 1980s?  It has since changed ownership and is now listed as HopeBridge Hospital.  Recently on Loopnet, the 5.7 acre site was up for sale but has since been withdrawn/sold.  Hard to believe an independent, or out of state network, could survive in Houston with the TMC being located just 6 miles away. 

I wonder of there were any other AMI hospitals around town? I believe I ran into the name while browsing HAIF once. Did the AMI hospital network go out of business, or merge with a bigger name? 



Loopnet listing:  I could see a Class-B multifamily complex go up here. Probably garden style.


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I'm guessing that the AMI brand was absorbed into another company at some point.

I do recall visiting this hospital back in June 2001, but only after a somewhat drawn-out ordeal.

My grandma had taken a bad fall but was still conscious and was sent to a local hospital. She was transported to Bayou City Medical Center near Greenway Plaza a few hours later. This was all the Monday night before Allison made landfall, for what it's worth. She actually spent that week there, and naturally we couldn't get in to visit her due to the flooding that happened that Friday evening and Saturday. Finally got in to visit on Sunday again and not too long after that she was transferred to the Westbury Hospital. 

Maybe it was my mood or attitude or whatever, but it was just a weirdly quiet, overall depressing place to be. I'd never been in a hospital that seemed to be so lacking in people in terms of either staff or patients. Fairly dated just in general inside and out as well.

She later passed away here, unfortunately, but those observations came about well before that happened. 


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