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Add to existing, or start new thread?


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I've got an idea for a thread to be named, "This thread is all about the Old Ben Milam". I wanted to go into my memories from the early '80s when it was in its final years as a working hotel, and some of the facts and photos which I've found online and elsewhere from its earlier days. Question is, there's already an existing thread on the Ben Milam in "Historic Houston" mainly concerned with the never-realized plans for redevelopment and eventual demolition. I'm wanting to go back to (hopefully) happier memories. Should I go ahead and start the new thread, or simply add it to the existing one?

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Good afternoon @ehbowen

I would recommend posting information about the Ben Milam Hotel in the native BMH thread in the "Historic Houston" forum. 

If there were plans to redevelop the hotel but it never went through, I would create a separate topic to post those plans in the "Houston Neverbuilt" forum. 

Please see below for the topic you should post in:


Thanks and let me know if you have any further questions,

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