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Texas Heart Institute Original Hospital At 6720 Bertner Ave.

Highrise Tower

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I found this Houston Chronicle article dated July 22, 1962 that detailed the new Texas Heart Institute.

Unique Heart Center Planned

Construction of a unique 10-story, $6 million Heart Institute as an addition to the joint facilities of St. Luke's Episcopal and Teas Children's Hospitals has been proposed by the board of both hospitals.

The institute, preliminary plans of which are new on architects' drawing boards. Would be devoted exclusive the medical and surgical treatment of the heart, education and research.

Dr. Maynard Martin, administrator of St. Lukes and Texas Children's who has been designated to be the institute administrator, said "it will be the only facility like this kind in the nation, probably.

Leopold Meyer, president of Texas Children's Hospital said, "Construction on the hospital will cost $6 million, with further funds necessary for equipment".

Preliminary drawings for the institute were prepared by Staub, Rather, and Howze Architects who in association with Rustay and Martin, and Caudit, Bowlett and Scott have planed for the expansion of the north side of the joint hospital facility and the construction of a parking garage now underway.




Looks like the new hospital was a direct replacement of the old. It's in the exact same location, next to the original St. Lukes Hospital.


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