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E. N. Gray Charity Hospital

Highrise Tower

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I was looking at the Standard Blue Book of Texas Houston Edition dated 1907-1908 and came across a few cool, old, hospitals.

New Charity Hospital
To be Erected by the Public Spirited Citizens of Houston Under the Direction of Mrs. E. N. Gray.


I went reading about E. N. Gray. It looks like she was a Rice University? teacher and a person who managed a charity work program.

A splendid record of charity work for the past twelve months has now closed, and the United Charities association now begins its labors for 1906. The meeting was held in the rooms of the President, Mrs. E. N. Gray in the Butler flats and there were present the following members of the board.


Society departments phones:
House. 2102. Office. 1621.

Calendar For The Day.

Dubutantes' cotillion Z Z Club at Beach's Hall.
Miss Rosalie Dumble entertains with cards for Misses Connely, 2:30.
Mrs. Fred Heyne and Mrs. D. S. Price entertain for Mrs. H. J. Gazin and Miss Florence Carter, 4 to 6.
Pupils' Recital. Diehs Conservatory, 8 p.m.
Mrs. E.N. Gray's Class in English Literature, Carnegie Hall, 3:45.


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