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Rite-Way Department Stores

Highrise Tower

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I was researching the old residential estate at 2330 North Braeswood Blvd. and came across an article regarding the history of tenants of the house. One tenant, Joseph Danburg, owned a department store called Rite-Way Department Store.  This would have been in the 1940s. They had six locations:

33 Artesian Place
511 Broadway Street
1902 Hardy Street
2756 Lyons Avenue
5334 Washington Avenue
7504 Harrisburg Boulevard

I know there was a similar business called Rite-Way Food Market located at 5204 Bellaire Blvd.  Then there was a plumbing business called Rite-Way Plumbing Co.  Can't seem to find the department store though.  Starting to think the article I read was incorrect.  I wonder how they accounted for six (6) locations? Maybe there was a name change and that's why I can't find anything? With 6 locations, I am sure there would be a lot of business article and ads. 

Anyone recall this this store? I can't seem to find anything on HAIF, or any of the historic Houston sites around.  I know there are a few HAIF members who are obsessed with department stores and retail stores. Tell me more!

Link to article:


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There was a name change. Joseph Danburg changed the name of the stores to Danburg's, probably about 1950 or slightly afterwards.

Globe Discount City was started as the discount arm of Danburg's. Globe's Wikipedia entry says that United Mercantile Inc. was formed in 1960 to operate Danburg's and the yet to be built Globe stores. No idea if Mr. Danburg still had an ownership interest at that point.

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