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I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated October 30, 1921 and noticed a public school on Westheimer Road called John Smith School.

I then found a library item that has more details.

2503 Westheimer Houston

Forum of Civics of River Oaks Garden Club. Built about 1880 until 1920 The John Smith School.  Restored in 1927 by Will Hogg. A memorial since 1942 to Will and Mike Hogg. Gardens added in 1955. Open to public.

I just looked on Google satellite. The River Oaks Garden Club Forum is still there! Do they own that whole parcel? Can't even imagine how much that RO parcel is worth!! I bet Hines or Hanover could build something tall here :ph34r:





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Interesting! I've run across the school on old maps, and have been trying to figure out the history behind it. Even in the 1915 Topographic maps, the gridding at the intersection of Westheimer and Kirby already exists. I'm wondering if this was the public schoolhouse Mr. Westheimer built and famously opened for community members. This would have been the Eastern of edge of his plantation so it makes sense.

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Also known as River Oaks Private School lead by Maud Mitchell.

Amazing. Maud Mitchell is such an educator! I've seen her name now at three (3) different schools! I wonder which school she retired from? Any pictures of her?
- Mrs. Douglas' Primary School at 2910 Smith St.
- Maude Mitchell School at 4720 Montrose Blvd.
- River Oaks Private School at 2503 Westheimer Rd.

I wonder when the name River Oaks Private School expired, and the John Smith School took it's place?

Here's the article I found dated September 5, 1922.

Mrs. Maud Mitchell
Requests all parents who wish to enroll their children in the River Oaks Private School.
Westheimer Road and Kirby Drive.

Which opens Sept. 15th, to communicate by phone, Hadley 1889, between the hours of 2 P.M. And 4 P.M., or Post Office Box 637, Mrs. Georgia Underhill, business manager of the River Oaks Private School.

Children will be called for at any point of the city south of Texas avenue and West of La Branch street. Will have experienced drivers and closed, locked sedans.


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