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Keightley Hospital At 15210 Lance Cir.

Highrise Tower

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Keightley Hospital on Anderson Road (Mapping the old hospital, you would use 15210 Lance Circle to view.)

Today I learned about the 1940s hospital in Almeda, Texas. I learned the owner and head doctor was Vivian Keightley who graduated college in Austin, TX.

Here's a 1932 yearbook from Austin College called The Chromascope and Key. She was pretty.



All the documentation I've read (newspaper articles, corporate registration, and web articles) indicates this hospital was located in Almeda, TX. I'm not sure if it's actually located on Almeda Road itself.  A website called Mapcarta said the hospital was located off Almeda Road on Anderson Road. I'm not sure if that's accurate. I have found no writings indicating as such.


I have read the hospital was one building, but the property was 30-acres big.

The type of hospital was a mental health & substance addiction hospital. Similar that to the old Dr. Greenwood's Sanitarium located on South Main Street (actually located on Old Main Street Road?)

The website Opencorporates indicates this as being registered on 7 August 1959 (over 63 years ago) but the hospital was built and active in the 1940s. Latest Events: 1959-08-07 - Addition of officer Vivian Keightley, agent.

I found a Houston hospital map from the the 1940s. Here is a transcript of the text from the book.

Keightley Hospital:

Location: Almeda, Texas.
Superintendent and Owner: Mrs. Vivian Keightley.

This is a 50 bed nervous and mental hospital located approximately 1-1/2 miles from the Almeda Business District. this hospital is a privately owned by Mrs. Vivian Keightley on a site of 31-acres and is semi-fire-proof one story building erected in 1940.

Approvals, Accreditation's, and Memberships:
Keightley Hospital is registered with the American Hospital Association and has membership with the State Hospital Association It has no other accreditation's, approvals, or memberships.

Medical Staff:
Dr. Joel Hill and Dr. E.W. Appleby are the two psychiatrists most interested in the hospital and the majority of patients are under their care although a total of approximately 15 physicians from time to time have patients in the hospital.

Facilities Available:
As previously mentioned, there are 50-beds in the hospital, all in single rooms and these are available to any nervous and mental patient, however the majority of cases are mils and there is a tendency away from acceptance of chronic cases. There is careful selection of alcoholics and addicts but some are treated. There is available fever therapy and such therapy equipment but no laboratory, x-ray, or other diagnostic services are rendered. The hospital does not accept Negro patients.
Use of Facilities: It could only be learned that there were approximately 9,125 patient days in 1945 which reflects 50% of occupancy and inasmuch is in March as there were 102 admissions, the average length of stay would approximate three months.

There are three graduate nurses in addition to the owner and there is a total of seven personnel.




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Mapcarta is correct. Cheers!

Here is a screenshot from Google Earth. The hospital was located on present-day Anderson Road at Lance Circle.
(I assume this is the hospital in the 1944 imagery. It sure does look like a hospital to me!)

Love the 30 acres campus design. Reminds me of a turkey wishbone.


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  • The title was changed to Keightley Hospital At 15210 Lance Cir.

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