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Canine Motel And Cat House At 11525 South Main St.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated July 14, 1971 and noticed a business advertisement for Canine Motel And Cat House located at 11525 South Main Street.

A couple in a local grocery store were in the check-out line and the woman was telling her husband an unusual experience that happened while driving down South Main.

I ever made a U-Turn to see if I read the sign right, she told him. As they both chucked a man behind them joined I the chuckle.
Oh, we've seen it too? She asked.
Yes the stranger replied.
Well, nice you've heard of it, you'll never forget it. Se laughed.
I certainly hope not, the man relied as he handed the woman his business card.

The sign she saw read “Canine Motel and Cat House” and the stranger was Phil Oesterman owner of the recently opened establishment for pets.

The Canine Motel and Cat House is housed on 2-1/2 Acres of land on South Main, across from the South Main Drive-Inn Theatre at Stella Link.

The first phase of the planned complex, will represent an investment in excess of $50,000.



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