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Gabby's Bar-B-Q & Hamburgers At 9401 South Main St.

Highrise Tower

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I was reading the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated February 14, 1980 and came across a grand opening (now open) business ad for Gabby's Bar-B-Q & Hamburgers located at 9401 South Main St.

I searched HAIF and found a few mentions of Gabby's BBQ but nobody mentioned their South Main location.  I wonder if it's one of their later locations? Who was the owner of this restaurant chain? Was it based in Houston?

Did anyone eat here? Any memories of this place? Do tell!

Looks like this the current place of Taquerias Arandas?


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Still one by that name on N. Shepherd just north of 610.  The one paragraph 'Our Story' section on the website says it opened in 1978 and is family owned and operated but doesn't give the family name.  The Spanky's on Telephone @ 610 was formerly a Gabby's, I think.  The other mentions you referred to probably included one by me about the location on S. Gessner just north of Bissonnet.  I never went inside but did drive-thru often.  Can't remember which building it was in so not sure if it's still there.


I don't remember the S. Main store for sure.  I think that was also later one of the multiple locations of the fast rising, fast dying off Baytown Seafood chain, and I went there once (and only once).

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