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Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences - Miami's First Supertall

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That's unpossible!

I have been repeatedly assured that the reason Houston doesn't have a 100 story building isn't a lack of will, or imagination, or leadership, but because of hurricanes. This must be Fake News™️

(Cue the people who say the reason is the proximity of airports, even though that don't seem to stop other cities, and the FAA modifies flight paths all the time at the request of cities.)

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I don't recall ever seeing anyone suggest we couldn't have a 100-story building because of hurricanes.  If I had seen such a claim, I would have disregarded it as being just as nonsensical and ignorant as the idea that we can't have tunnels or subways because of the water table. In any event, we could clearly have a 1,049 foot building, regardless of hurricanes;  we already have 1,002 feet.  It seems unlikely another 47 feet would make a difference.

Aside from all that, what seems unpossible about this building is the floor count and height.  100 stories in 1,049 feet for super-luxury condos and hotel - average floor-to-floor height of 10.49 feet.  Seems unlikely.  (Edited to add additional info:  They advertise 10' ceiling heights in the condos which would allow six inches for the floor/ceiling structure between floors, and it appears they are playing games with the floor count.  it looks like they have no level 2, 4, 6, probably no 13, because hotels generally don't have 13th floors, 18, 20, 22, 25, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, or 41.  So, 1,049 feet, but 100 stories?  Hardly.


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Construction on the tallest residential building south of New York City is expected to go vertical this weekend, after its developers locked in a $668M construction loan. 

Property Markets Group and its partners secured financing from Bank OZK and Related Fund Management to build the Waldorf Hotel & Residences Miami. The debt for the 1,049-foot-tall property breaks a record set in February for the largest single-tower construction loan in Florida history. 

PMG, which has offices in New York and Miami, is partnering on the supertall with Canadian private equity firm Greybrook, global investment company Mohari Hospitality, Aventura-based S2 Development and Hilton Hotels.




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