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South Main Street Rodeo Arena On South Main St.

Highrise Tower

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Woah! I found one of the first rodeos of Houston! I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Informer dated February 23, 1924 and came across a business ad for Cattlemen's Rodeo at the End of South Main Street.

This was before the Houston Fat Stock Show and Livestock Exposition in the 1930s.  I believe.

Bassett Blakely & Frank Y. Dew

Under Personal Direction Tom L. Burnett.

The Most Thrilling, Sensational, and Grueling Contests o.f Cowboy Sports Ever Staged In Texas
The Cattlemen's Rodeo.

Special Arena Seating 10,000- End of South Main Street.

You could buy the tickets at downtown's Rice Hotel.

Cattlemen's Rodeo Headquarters - Second Floor Republic Building. Phone - Preston 3327.


From what I read, Tom L. Burnett was a wealthy rodeo businessman.  A Hollywood Star.

The Houston Post dated February 25, 1924:


Others I found during the same time period.




Sakowitz Bros. ad.




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