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Dobbs House Restaurant At 5214 Bellaire Blvd.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper Bellaire Texan dated June 17, 1959 and came across a business ad for Dobbs House Restaurant At 5214 Bellaire Blvd. 

Another restaurant chain that is no longer around.  Dutch Kettle, Kettle Restaurant, Kopper Kettle, Toddle House, One's A Meal, etc.

Did anyone eat here back in the day? Any other locations of this place?


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😃 Aha! So that's what that was.  Now Fresh and  Best Donuts, right next door to the (likely) permanently closed Bellaire Broiler Burger.  I went in only once (to the donut shop), a few years ago.  I'd been in the parking lot next door so many times I thought I'd give them a try.  I got a powdered sugar donut with a near lethal amount of powdered sugar.  It was the last one of the day so I don't know if that was characteristic of what they served.  Haven't been back; there's a donut shop much closer to me than I prefer.  It was tasty (I also got a cake donut), just had to be careful not to put too much of it in your mouth at one time and have some water handy.


Never went to a Dobbs House;  I thought they were more upscale eateries than Toddle Houses, which Dobbs owned, at least toward the end.  Toddle House, One's a Meal, Dutch Kettle, and Steak and Egg I went to back in those days.  Steak and Egg was another Dobbs owned chain, very similar to Toddle House but a little more upscale interior in my one experience

There was one on Montrose, just north of 59, back in the 60s, maybe into the early 70s.  I think it was Zimm's that was in that space (southern end of the strip center) years later.

Dobbs House in Houston - The Arch-ive

The revolving restaurant at IAH was a Dobbs House.

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Dobbs House was a national chain. Martin Luther King was once denied service at an Atlanta Dobbs House.

Never ate there either. I don't specifically remember the one on Bellaire, but I do remember one on South Main, roughly across the road from the Chief Motel, and one on N. Braeswood at Stella Link. They had a lot of locations around town.

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