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Gateway Roller Rink At 8370 South Main St.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper The Citizen dated May 26, 1948 and came across a business ad for Gateway Roller Rink located at 8370 South Main St. - "Where O.S.T. Meets S. Main".

Was this an earlier location of Hansell's Gateway Swim And Skate Rink? I wonder if the swimming school/club had a different address than the skating rink? I see an address of 8510 South Main St.

Was this the same place as the Rolls-Away Roller Rink on South Main? Different name obviously.  Possibly a change of ownership?


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The roller rink was on the same site as the pool, but in a separate building closer to the street. That might account for the different addresses. Or, since this is from 1948, it could be that it was renumbered, as we discussed in another couple of threads.

I'm not aware of anyone named Hansell owning it, although I certainly could be wrong. Gateway Swim and Skate was owned and managed by Les Oldfield.

Phill Hansel owned a swimming academy and was also the UH swimming coach for years.

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I looked around some newspapers and magazines. Phill Hansel had 4 swimming academy locations.

  1. 2425 Richton
  2. Shamrock Hilton
  3. Spring Branch
  4. 8307 Augstine


The Gateway Indoor Pool was once referred to Hansel's Gateway Indoor Pool.


Phil Hansel Swimming Academy - 2426 Richton

Hansel's Gateway Indoor Pool - 8510 S. Main



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I stand corrected. As you know from the Gateway Pool thread, Les Oldfield was the original owner and the pool certainly wasn't indoor back then.

The Phill Hansel Swimming Academy on Richton was originally owned by Ralph Flanagan, who was an Olympic Silver Medalist in the 1930s. and his wife Ruth. They had to sell it because of health issues.

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