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Second Ward community gathering Houston Inspires

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from the CEC newsletter


Dear Friends,


Do you love the Second Ward? Do you have some time next week to come and talk to us about why?


This week we're proud to announce that we're partnering with Kam Franklin, the fabulous lead singer for Houston's internationally beloved soul group The Suffers, in presenting "Second Ward Healing Hours" from 5-8 pm on October 10-14, 2022.


The week-long community market will be held at Wonky Power, a recording studio and live music venue at 3534 Navigation Blvd. The free, all-ages event will feature music, fashion, connection, healing, and environmental education. Kam's company, Sequin Sanctuary, will be selling vintage pieces from her own closet to further promote sustainable fashion, and all money made from the closet during the week will be donated to support CEC. 


Wonky Power's production studio will be set up for community members to tell their stories in a relaxed and comfortable setting. From these testimonials, Franklin will debut several new songs in 2023 focused on education and awareness of the harmful effects of air pollution, and plans to incorporate the video stories from the community as park of a Visual EP -- to bring voices and faces from people directly impacted to the project.


About Houston Inspira


In February 2022, Mayor Turner, announced the Houston Inspires/Houston Inspira public health campaign at the Climate Justice Museum and Cultural Center. This EPA-funded project, headed by the Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, partners local artists and nonprofit organizations in five Complete Communities – Acres Homes, Alief/Westwood, Kashmere Gardens, Near Northside, and Second Ward.


The project focuses on risks communities face from elevated levels of environmental pollutants, primarily PM2.5 (strongly associated with concrete batch plants) and benzene both of which can increase and exacerbate the health risks associated with COVID-19.




Art is a powerful way to help promote environmental awareness, and CEC member groups like Artist Boat, SPARK Park and others are helping do that in the greater Houston area. See notes about Artist Boat's Marine Debris Art Contest and an author appearance at Houston Botanic Gardens below.

Please scroll down to read about CEC events, public engagement opportunities, notes from our member organizations and the community, and new green jobs.
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