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Houston Bird week


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Dear Friends,


The fall migratory bird season is in full swing, and once again Houston Audubon is celebrating with Houston Bird Week, which runs from Saturday, September 17 through Saturday, September 24, with a mix of in-person and virtual events.


The annual Bird Week was started in 2019 by Houston Audubon’s inaugural Young Professionals Advisory Council to commemorate the organization’s 50th birthday. Bird Week is “a celebration of the important role Houston plays in the journey of billions of migratory birds and the everyday lives of our resident birds. In addition to Houston’s vital location along the Gulf of Mexico, the growing popularity of planting native plants, restoring prairies, bird-friendly education programs, and Houston’s Lights Out for Birds program were among the many efforts and programs that gained Houston the Bird City designation in 2020.”


This year’s activities start with a Kick-Off Party at Sawyer Ice House. The week includes a host of events around the region, including bird surveys, bird walks, activities that combine birding with biking and boating, volunteer beach and park clean-ups, trivia contests, photography classes and photo shoots, happy hours, chats by partnering organizations, a night of stories, bingo games, and many more. Many of the events are family-friendly. Find the full listing of events at houstonaudubon.org. A few selected events and others related to the migration can be found in the "Fall Bird Migration" section below.

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