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The Rocksy Club At 4060 Westheimer Rd.

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Cooters was in Windsor Plaza and as I recall was large but just one floor.  Not sure about the others you named.  The place on Alabama at Sage did have two floors and went through more incarnations than I could possibly name.  Confetti, anyone?


The Roxy was originally on Westheimer in Highland Village.


'Subdude'..you went to my HS. I think you may have graduated either with me or a year earlier.


There was a Roxy on W. Alabama behind the Galleria.


There was once a Rocksy in Highland Village on Westiemer. It was where I think Williams Sonoma is now.


I use to frequent that place in 1981 to 1983. I recall when I saw a person come in and dance wearing a black suit and wearing a shiny sequined glove. Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" had just come out. The end of new wave was nearly over.


I had heard that Rocksy was known as "Spats" (??) during the late 70's disco days?


Rocksy was small, but it had a great light show that rattled with the music.


Music such as: The B-52's, Billy Idol, Soft Cell, Z Rocks (local), all were played there from the DJ.


I had heard that the "Dead Kennedys" played "the Island" on S. Main (under US 59) a lot back then.post-2264-0-60230200-1404681368_thumb.jp

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That would be a weird coincidence! 

I didn't realize the Roxy on Westheimer was actually Rocksy although I was there a number of times.  It wasn't me in the MJ suit however.  :lol:   The light show was sort of built into the ceiling as I recall. 


The Island on South Main was a fun place, but it didn't seem to last too long. 





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