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Glenn McCarthy's Cork Club At 2100 Travis St.


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I hung out at The Deputy. Great burgers. Great car hops! It was just down the street from The Jester, Byron's BBQ, Sin Alley. 2Ks was across the street from the Galleria. Heading toward Sage was the Luau with their flaming fountain and pretty good Polynesian food - right across the street from the funeral home.

Sonny Looks Sir Loin Steakhouse on Westheimer (and downtown) with the knight who used to greet the customers on horseback in full knight's regalia holding a lance. I see that Brenners has taken over the restaurant Rainbow Lodge in Memorial Park. Brenners was a really good place for beef. Ye Olde College Inn on Main, Kellys on South Main. Gaidos on S. Main, Red Lion.

Clubs having good food - Lakeside Country Club, Glen McCarthy's The Cork Club(and wild game dinners), The Petroleum Club, The Roundtable. The restaurant that was poolside at the Shamrock(Eggs Benedict and Mimosas @ Sunday Brunch) Thanks Glen. So many clubs and restaurants!

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