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Dean's Grocerette At Southgate Blvd. & Travis St.

Highrise Tower

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I noticed this old school historic grocery recently. While browsing old values of Rice University's The Thresher I saw this business listing for Dean's Grocerette At Southgate Blvd. & Travis St.

Listing is from April 18, 1968. Anyone remember shopping here? Pictures of the building?


What's interesting is that Dean's Grocerette is still around! The business might have been passed down from a family member and moved locations? There is a Dean's Grocerette & Deli located at 7127 Fannin Street. From what I've read, the hand made sandwiches and food items are really good. I really need to stop by sometime.


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Never knew of the original/earlier version. I don't believe I ever knew what was behind those strip centers on the west side of Main between Holcombe and University.

I've seen Dean's on Fannin, I'm pretty sure.  I usually head west on S. Braeswood if I'm coming out of TMC and never noticed it contained a deli.  Looks like the deli became Bobob's and may or may not still be in operation according to YELP.  One poster from out of town claims it was closed a month and a half ago.

Looks like a pretty pricey menu for a restaurant in a convenience store.

I hope some more of our posters who used to keep this Historic Houston forum so busy will notice all this activity.  Most of what you've been posting about finding the ads for was when I was just a kid, coming to town with my parents, long before I moved here.

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