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One's A Meal Restaurant At 4422 South Main St.


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I thought the dings were the elevators dinging at each floor but it was a constant in all the downtown stores. I remember going to see grumpy old Santa at Sears and having our pics taken with him. All the kids were afraid of him.

Across the street on the west side of Main was the Delman Juvenile Shop which sold children's clothes and had one of those neat humongous x-ray machines where all us kids got bombarded countless times so that we could see our bones wiggle. The Delman Theater was next door. The lobby survived up until a few years ago. I saw Bob Dylan's "Don't Look Back" there in the 60's. I think there was a One's a Meal just south of the Delman.

There was a One's a Meal there. I have a photo of the paint peeling off the sign for the Chinese restaurant that replaced it at that location, and "One's a Meal" is visible underneath.

Bailey photograph.


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Indeed. When I was about 11, my mother was rushed to hospital for a cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder) and my Step-Father was torn. He was the ultimate Bogey fan and "The African Queen" had just opened at the Delman. He and I had never gone anywhere before. Didn't hate each other, just standoffish and not in communication much.

He opted for Humphrey and we went to the film, stopping by One's A Meal there after dinner, which we'd missed due to mother being gone. The movie was so great, I was thrilled Mom got sick.

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