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Nett Bar - 1717 W. 22nd St.


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Nett Bar is opening a second location at 1717 W 22nd St. There was news about the new Shady Acres addition last year.

TDLR filing:

Report from the Leader:

"John Caravello said he intends to provide at the second location of NettBar at 1717 W. 22nd St. in Shady Acres...'We purchased the (West 22nd Street) property in 2019,' Caravello said. 'This location was supposed to happen in 2020, but we recently started it back up again.'”

"There are two buildings on the property that will both be part of the concept, Caravello said. One is a brick house and another is a metal building...The brick house will have gaming area space, along with other interactive areas, and will be used as office and storage. The metal building will have a modern farmhouse vibe and be the main bar area."



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This was one of the owners I talked with, he said it will be called Nett Bar II. Once again as every other site owner or superintendent has said, permits are the hold up. If they have a revision you can't get the new permit in a couple of weeks but in 3 months, maybe.



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  • The title was changed to Nett Bar Shady Acres - 1717 W. 22nd St.
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"The second location of neighborhood pub NettBar will soon debut in Shady Acres.

Plans for the new location were first announced in 2021 with a target opening date of summer 2022 at that time. Now, the venue is slated to soft open Sept. 22 at 1717 W. 22nd St., Houston, according to a news release."




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  • The title was changed to Nett Bar - 1717 W. 22nd St.

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