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Roy Hofheinz Huckster House Mansion At 811 Bayridge Rd.


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Well, since indie films are starting to pay attention to Houston, it might do well on the indie circuit, but who knows.


And the '60's are very hot at the moment! Producers? I am available as a consultant! 




Huckster House, 811 Bayridge Rd. Still there, I believe



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Wow... I've never heard of this Huckster House... GoogleEarth takes me to a (newer than 1960's) neighborhood in League City. Got any details on the location? Looks like it was maybe on the West side of the island... those low trees.


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The house in post #5 does not look like the one located at 811 Bayridge Rd. Am I missing something? I'm familiar with that estate, but didn't realize Hofheinz bought it from the original owners.

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The house in the recent satellite view on Google Maps looks vaguely like the one in the older photo tomv put up. That older photo was taken a few years ago, and the house has apparently been remodeled since then. I'm confident it's the same house.


Think about it. Roy woulda bought a big old bay house in an exclusive La Porte neighborhood overlooking the bay, NOT a new house in a master planned community in League City.

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