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Wright Hospital At 2407 North Main St.

Highrise Tower

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I did not know about the Wright Hospital. I assume it's named after Elva Anis Wright? I thought her hospital, the Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League was located at 806 Bagby St.  Perhaps this is the 2nd location in 1957?

Where was this hospital? What become of the Wright Hospital? Did it merge with one of the TMC institutions?

Elva Anis Wright was a Houston and Harris County medical pioneer and a leader in the fight against tuberculosis (TB). She was born on March 20, 1868, in Hillsdale, Pennsylvania. The August 23, 1912, edition of the Houston Post reported that Dr. Wright and others had successfully petitioned County Judge A. E. Amerman and County Commissioner J. B. Marmion for the establishment of a county and city-supported tuberculosis sanitarium. The Houston Anti-Tuberculosis Association opened a free clinic and office at 806 Bagby Street in 1913 and remained at that location until 1957.



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  • The title was changed to Wright Hospital On North Main St.
  • The title was changed to Wright Hospital At 2407 North Main St.

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