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University Of Houston Downtown School At 925 Caroline St.


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Do any old-timers remember the original incarnation of UHD, the University of Houston Downtown School, located at 925 Caroline, downtown? My father taught there and once mentioned that the Caroline building had previously housed a paint store.

My father was Mr. O.R. Hicks. He taught English in the night school there from the late fifties until his retirement in 1973. I can't find anything in Wikipedia or elsewhere about the first UHD. The current one, at One Main Street, was established in 1974. My father may have planned his retirement to coincide with the closing of the U of H Downtown where he taught, but at 22 I didn't have those details on my radar. In any event, I wonder if any HAIFers either actually remember or have heard anything about the original University of Houston Downtown School.

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4 hours ago, Dave W said:

IIRC the Downtown School closed in 1973 b/c its lease wasn't renewed. the building was going to be rehabbed or redeveloped. The current Downtown College opened in 1974 after UH bought it from the former South Texas Junior College.

If it was 925 Caroline, it probably was not renewed because they were preparing to demolish it for the construction of Houston Center, specifically what is now named Fulbright Tower.

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