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Orem Circle: Multifamily At 12781 Martin Luther King Blvd.


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15 hours ago, hbcu said:

bet the folks who bought homes out here are pleased - do we need anymore apartments out here?

If they're being built, then the answer is probably "yes."  Nobody spends $35 million without doing research.

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I could've saved them a few bucks on research - someone wants to make a quick buck on cheap land 

Let's be honest - folks won't send their kids to the local schools - ain't happening- it's HISD- there's several new developments nearby and the schools haven't grown 

secondly, why the need for more apartments? Put in more single family homes - the major grocers aren't coming out there - there's nothing out there already except older apartment complexes and newer ones when you get near park houston which has a horrible reputation as it is 

who are these apartments targeting? . Pearland workers? Medical center?

we keep repeating the same bad situations 





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  • The title was changed to Orem Circle: Multifamily At 12781 Martin Luther King Blvd.
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Keep pending - you have massive complexes coming up at the beltway and MLK and beltway and wayside plus several off Cullen and the influx of units off 288 and Almeda Genoa - that's not going to help the area 


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Why all the negativity? 

That area is like a ten minute drive from the Aldi and Walmart on Almeda Genoa, there's a Fiesta 5 mins away on Cullen and Reed and the area is close to all the grocery options in Pearland.

As you mentioned, developments are coming up MLK, Scott and Cullen from Pearland. All three streets around the beltway area has been redone in the last few years.

The schools are not great, but lots of Houston area schools are not great. Should we just stop building and let the city die?

That area is slowly changing for the better. So many delapidated houses have need renovated. I see quite a few townhomes popping up in that area. Parks are being upgraded.

The upgrades are slowly changing the look of the area, and theses apartments will further add to the density which may attract groceries even closer to the area. But traffic is so light in that area that it doesn't really take long to get to a lot of options already

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