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Manhattan Condominiums At 3030 Post Oak Blvd.


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Be happy they have a website. The Manhatten and Empire Condos' didn't get a website until construction started and most of the units were alread sold.

Randal Davis has been shown to be much more reliable than other developers. He would put that much work into a website unless he was commited to the project. This doesn't mean delays and other red tape issues won't slow it down also. The Pavilions was going to start construction this fall according to the developer, but right now they are just starting permitting and other procedures. Definite timelines are rare unless it is currently being constructed.

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There is a fence around a parking lot on the northeast corner of Hidalgo and Post Oak in the Galleria Area. I heard that the lot was recently sold, but does anyone know what is going up or even who purchased it?

I went by the Turnberry and no one seemed to know or care... which is strange. It was almost like they played it off as a non-issue. You think they would try to find out if their entire building is going to have all the views to the east blocked.


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  • The title was changed to Manhattan Condominiums: Residential At 3030 Post Oak Blvd.
  • The title was changed to Manhattan Condominiums At 3030 Post Oak Blvd.
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