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The Star is now being managed by The Morgan Group.  I believe this is the same org that handles all of the various Pearl apartment buildings around town.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about this company?

(Staff says that The Star was sold to Morgan, but the official announcement only says the management was changed.  I don't know which is true.)

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Hello.  I have experience working with The Morgan Group and also have friends that have worked there in the past.  My dealings have strictly been on the development and project construction side, not the property management side.  They are a solid group that designs/builds attractive and fluid developments, such as their signature Pearl projects.  Please let me know if I can help further. 

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Thanks @Paco Jones .

they sent out a survey to Star residents asking about the previous management. At the end, some of the questions make it sound like they're not going to renew anyone's leases. But I could be misinterpreting that. 

One of my concerns is that, looking at the company's website, it seems to have a history of renting out entire buildings to companies that turn them into giant Airbnbs. Which isn't good for anyone, except some Silicon Valley venture capital companies. 

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RIP Bill Morgan


"Bill Morgan, who survived the European Holocaust before going on to found the Morgan Group, a Houston-based multifamily development company, and help to construct the Holocaust Museum Houston, died Oct. 15 in Houston. He was 98.

Morgan was known for his courage and tenacity, traits that were tested during World War II and later served him in the real estate development business."

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  • The title was changed to Morgan Group

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