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Any information about the Lynchburg Reservoir?


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The Lynchburg Reservoir seems odd to me. 

https://maps.apple.com/?address=Lynchburg Reservoir, Baytown, TX, United States&auid=11835928570005203152&ll=29.774193,-95.069858&lsp=7618&q=Dropped Pin&_ext=EiYpyO2XT1bEPUAxP3oeN9fEV8A5c3RLYZTIPUBBonZkUf3DV8BQDA%3D%3D

It's a huge storage space for water coming along a 22-mile-long drainage canal, but what is its purpose?  It's surrounded on both sides by the San Jacinto River and Burnett Bay just a few dozen feet away. 

Why not just dump the water straight into the river instead of holding on to it?

Is this a settling pond maybe?  A Google search turned up nothing but automated map spam.

Also, have any of you urban explorers visited the old Lynchburg Cemetery nearby?

https://maps.apple.com/?address=861 Independence Pkwy N, Baytown, TX 77520, United States&auid=14563313959417236805&ll=29.768180,-95.072620&lsp=9902&q=Old Lynchburg Cemetery&_ext=CjIKBQgEEOIBCgQIBRADCgQIBhBrCgQIChAACgQIUhAICgQIVRAPCgQIWRAGCgUIpAEQARImKZfhmnhfwz1AMYzBJGu8xFfAOZOM5jCsxT1AQfJNg90SxFfAUAQ%3D

An internet searched shows that there may only be one gravestone left there, as it hasn't been kept up.  Looks hard to get to.  Lots of stomping through potential fire ant territory between two industrial facilities.

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 10.00.27 AM.png

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