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Mont Art House: 1230 Houston Ave.


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  • The title was changed to 1224 & 1230 Houston Avenue
  • The title was changed to 1224 & 1230 Houston Ave.
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Regarding 1230 Houston Avenue...


"Jazzy and streamlined when built in 1940 as a temporary Knapp Chevrolet showroom, the 2,646-square-foot building at 1230 Houston Ave. is a showroom again, this time for art.

In the 80-plus intervening years, the brick veneer commercial building saw use as an appliance repair shop, print shop, repository of reusable craft materials and a small theater. At times, it also sported a series of murals and even time beneath black paint.

Urbano Architects tackled the redo after Houston Dart LLC purchased the property, located about a mile northwest of downtown, in late 2021.

Houston Dart is a partnership of The Deal Co. and Urbano Investments. The former has restored, renovated and repurposed commercial properties into new environments for Houston’s creative community, such as Sawyer Yards located slightly north and west of the small-scale showroom. The latter focuses on urban real estate developments, with an emphasis on historic buildings.

“1230 (Houston Ave.) is a great old building and a big part of the history of the neighborhood,” said John Deal, founder of DealCo in an emailed response to questions. “We consider this project as an extension of Sawyer Yards and the Arts District we helped to create.”

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"1230 Houston Avenue was the original home of the family-owned Houston car dealership Knapp Chevrolet and a significant survivor from the Streamline Moderne architecture movement’s heyday. 

Constructed in 1940 by Joe Montalbano Sr. using materials from his Montalbano Lumber Company across the street, the former showroom recently received state recognition as a historical landmark on Aug. 9, 2022. Such an honor grants developers valuable tax credits to make the restoration process more affordable, which in turn makes it possible for them to show off the landmark’s unique cultural history."




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  • The title was changed to Mont Art House: 1230 Houston Ave.

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