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Home At 5020 Robertson St.


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Hi there,

I recently purchased a house that the previous owners claimed to be an original Katherine Mott house. They said it was originally built in Riverside Terrace in the 1920's, then sold separate from the land and moved into the Ryon neighborhood ~20 years or so later.

It's difficult to verify this information because I can't really find any pictures in materials on Katherine Mott for this house specifically.

Here is the house:


If anyone has any knowledge of Katherine Mott houses and could help identify is this is truly one she built, or who I could reach out to to find out that'd be great!

Thank you!


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Welcome to HAIF and congratulations on your beautiful house. 
If you look in the HAIF category "Historic Houston" there's a thread about Katherine Mott houses. A member (Lucia Benton) states that she was doing research for her masters thesis on Katherine Mott's Houston houses (this was from 2011). 
If you Google Ms. Benton's name perhaps you can find some contact info. 
Good luck and let us know if you find out anything.

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