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East End Streets Getting Redone

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not sure on the timetable, but I'm guessing this year as the Idylwood civic club is having a guest from TXDOT talking about it on their next monthly call.

potential safety modifications as well. 

also these streets:


thanks @hindesky

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current estimate is that bids for the project will be Q1 2023, and project will commence Q2. it's at about 30% planning phase.

no footprint change, they do intend to lower the roadway so that the curb profile will again be 6", which is said will help with safety.

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2 hours ago, wilcal said:

I mean.... METRO is about to tear that up (in a few years) to put in the BRT lanes. Surely that is to be done in conjunction with them. Right?

How would the contractors make their profit targets if they only tore it up once? 😛

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interesting, I saw a surveyor truck at Elgin/Lockwood (under the i45/spur/train) taking measurements. I wonder if it is related to any of this stuff?

considering the number of people who pedestrian, and cycle on that road to get to/from UH, I hope the city and Metro are taking this into consideration.

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  • The title was changed to East End Streets Getting Redone

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